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Cheney Mansion Ghost Hunt



The haunted Cheney Mansion is a haven for the paranormal. Our overnight Ghost Hunt at this location will definitely test your nerve.

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Your investigation includes the following:

Ghost Hunt with experienced Ghost Hunting Team to show you all the hot spots and different ways to investigate

We will show you how the equipment works and how to use it . This will include trigger objects, EMF Meters, and recorders , just to name a few.

Private time to explore this location and to undertake your very own investigations.

Unlimited refreshments available throughout the night including: Coffee, Coca Cola, Diet Coke, and Bottled Water and a selection of snacks.

The Paranormal:
The haunted Cheney Mansion is a haven for the paranormal. Our overnight Ghost Hunt at this location will definitely test your nerve.

Caretakers of the Cheney Mansion have reported extinguishing candles when locking up for the night, and returning in the morning to find the candles lit.
Scuffling sounds have been heard on the basement floor.

Guests have been touched and have had their hair pulled.

A child has been heard singing, a woman laughing, and conversations have been heard when no one is there.

There is a bed in an upstairs bedroom that will often have the imprint of someone having lain on it.

The lights on the third floor have reportedly turned back on as the staff was leaving for the day.
It has been reported that a door slammed shut and a cold draft blew through in a room off the ballroom?

Guests have reported the sound of a young girl yelling and pounding on a nearby bathroom door. As young men were preparing to ram open the door, it opened and an old man casually walked out and down the stairs. No one saw him again that evening, and the bathroom sat empty.

Guests have been grabbed and have reported strange smells in the drunk room.
Footsteps have been heard in the attic when no one is there.
Apparitions of a former nursemaid have been seen roaming the hallways and the bedroom bearing her name.

Guests have reported hearing what sounds like furniture moving and radios that turn on by themselves.

And so much more evidence remains to be captured in this 12,000 sq foot home dating back to 1827. Where will you start your investigation?

A little history:

Its hard to imagine that a tiny four-room house built in 1827 was the beginning of the 12,000 sq foot Cheney Mansion that stands today.

The four-room frame home built in 1827 and dubbed the Red House was converted to a tavern by 1830 and served as the first stagecoach station and tavern in the area

The Red House was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Of two cisterns designated for the Red House, only one was used to collect rainwater. Slaves were hidden in the false cistern accessed from a livery stable across the street via an underground tunnel.

What began as a little four-room Red House is now preserved as part of a grand residence reminiscent of a gracious English country home. The Cheney Mansion boasts six bedrooms, seven baths, multiple reception rooms and parlors, and separate servants quarters. The mansion retains much of its original appearance including original doors, woodworking, floors, Newell posts and three fireplaces.

Other interesting facts of the home include the stairs to nowhere, which are in the kitchen near the cellar and were ascended by servants to watch for arriving company, as well as a special stairwell to be used by servants when the family was entertaining.

Event Details

Date: 11/07/2021

Start time: 20:00

End time: 03:00

Venue: Cheney Mansion

Address: 601 North State Street, Jerseyville, IL, 62052

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